Year 3 Spring term homework ideas

Animal Magic!

In year 3 we have a very exciting homework project that is all about the wonderful world of animals!! This term you will be designing an exciting animal park that can be based on either real or imaginary animals; it’s up to you!

You can choose your own activity but we ask that you complete at least 2 activities each half term. Your teacher wants to create an awesome classroom display. We are looking forward to seeing some amazing work and some lively writing. Now it’s time to have some fun. Follow the brief and remember to give yourself enough time so that you don’t leave anything out. Be organised and you will succeed. Good luck!


Spring term 1 Activity 1

Decide which animals will live at your animal park

You are going to invent the best animal park in the world. What animals do you want at your park? Do you want an elephant, monkey, giraffe? Do you want your animals to be real? You can invent your own such as my rabble. It’s a mix between a rabbit and a turtle!! Draw pictures of each animal. Tell us about each animal and why they will make visitors come to your attraction (especially if they are imaginary)


Spring term 1 Activity 2

Create a map of your animal park.

Your map must include different animal enclosures as well as any facilities or shops. Remember to think about what things people will need when visiting your park e.g. car parks and places to eat. Don’t forget to use a key when labelling your map.

Spring term 1 Activity 3

Design a guide or leaflet to help your visitors find their way around and explain how your park works.

Your leaflet should explain the main features of your park. It should be exciting, eye-catching and contain pictures of what your visitors will see. Remember, your writing must be persuasive and contain catchy slogans to make it sound exciting.

Spring term 1 Half term  18th Feb-24th Feb

Create a poster to advertise your park.

Remember that a poster needs to be bright and catchy. Also think about the type of information it will need to include e.g. opening times, where the park is, prices etc.


Spring term 2 Activity 1  

Write a letter to your teacher to persuade them to visit your park.

What is good about your park and how can you encourage your teacher to visit it? Use persuasive language. What will your teacher enjoy the most and why? Can you use words like probably, certainly?


Spring term 2 Activity 2

Create an animal report.

Choose your favourite animal and write a report or a fact-file. Remember to include as much information about the animal as possible. If you are writing about a real animal, you will need to do some research. If your animal is imaginary, you will need to consider what information is needed. Mention what your animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives etc.


Spring term 2 Activity 3

Write a set of instructions

Unfortunately one of your animals from your park has escaped! Choose which animal you want to be on the loose and write a set of instructions to tell someone how to look after the animal if they are lucky enough to find it. You will need to research your chosen animal. Find out how much sleep your animal needs, what does your animal eat? Etc


Extra challenge? Have you finished the projects and want more fun?

Make a model Can you make a 3D model of your animal park? You could make animals out of playdough, use leaves and twigs to make your park grass lands, use old yoghurt pots to make animal drinking areas etc – have fun and be as creative as possible!