What Our Parents Think! October 2017


What do our parents think of St Andrew's?

Here are some of the comments from the questionnaires.



·        ‘It is a diverse school.’


·        ‘I like the diversity.’



·        ‘Teachers are very supportive and enjoy teaching the children.’


·         ‘I like the sense of community.’


·        ‘It is supportive and helpful.’


·        ‘A very friendly school where children aim high and achieve.’


·        ‘St Andrew’s school is very friendly and multicultural.’


·        ‘The place any parents want for their child.’


·         ‘There is a good link in terms of communication between staff and parents.’


·        ‘Good communication, regular updates and friendly staff.’



·        ‘I like the teachers because they are so friendly to the children.’


·        ‘Good teaching’


·        ‘It is a good school and is always looking at ways to get better.’


·        ‘It is the best school’



·        ‘Lots of friendly people around.’


·        ‘Teachers effectively support the children’


·        ‘One of the best schools in Wolverhampton’


·        ‘I like St Andrew’s school because they help my child to learn and it is safe for my child.’


·        ‘Very good’


·        ‘Respectful teachers.’


·        ‘Very positive school.’


·        ‘The staff are helpful’


·        ‘St Andrew’s is an open and friendly school.’


·        ‘St Andrew’s is a good school and children like to attend.’


·        I think my child is taught very well at this school.’


·        ‘For me, St Andrew’s is the best.’


·        ‘It is a good place to learn.’


·        ‘Well managed’


·        ‘I like St Andrew’s primary school because my child has progressed very well in 3 months.’


·        ‘Keep the standard’


·        ‘Everyone is polite and the school is clean and fresh.’


·        ‘Excellent’


·        ‘I’m glad the school has improved from before’



·        ‘It’s a safe learning environment where children make good progress.’


·        ‘It is hard working’


·        ‘My child enjoys coming to this school’


·        ‘Good school, great teachers. Keep up the good work!’


·        ‘Good standard’



Thank you to all of the parents and carers who took the time to complete our questionnaire. We will look at our next steps and let you know what we plan to do about them!