Our Senses

Following our topic of our senses we explored our senses in forest school. We sat in the log circle and talked about our different senses and what we use them for. I then told the children we would be taking one of our senses away. Adventure Ted put on a blindfold and the children got excited as they realised what our challenge was! We had to really rely on our hearing and touch as we walked round forest school blindfolded. The children could hear the birds, the twigs snapping as they walked on them and they could feel the sunshine on their faces. The children were sprayed with water to feel the cold, wet 'rain'.


"I can hear a snapping sound. I think its all the sticks on the floor."

"I can feel the sun."

"I'm all wet. Is it raining?"


After we finished we sat back in the circle and put our blindfolds back on. Items were passed round for the children to touch and smell. One of those items was a shaped biscuit. The children could tell their shape by feeling it and when they smelled it could say it was a biscuit. We then explored our sense of taste by eating the biscuit and having a hot chocolate drink. Then we listened to a story with our blindfolds on. The children did an excellent job of listening and following instructions, well done Reception!