Autumn 1 - Stargazers

Click this link to see the fantastic learning Year 5 will be doing this half term. 


What Year 5 will be covering this term



Watch some fantastic clips and links all about space! 


Phases of the moon -


If the Moon were a pixel  -


Art work 

This week we have been creating some fantastic art work based on our topic of Space. Here are some of amazing pieces we created! 



Homework projects


Year 5 were given three weeks to create a project about Space. Year 5 teachers have been blown away by the effort children (and parents) have made! 

Here are some examples of the amazing work that was done!





We have had an exciting experience this week! We have been visited by the Planetarium. 

Click the link below to see some of the amazing images we got to see! 

Remember to ask you child to tell you some of the amazing facts we learnt. 



Thank you Dennis Ashton for showing us amazing things from Space and telling us some wonderful facts! 

Follow this link to find out more about Dennis



Click the link below to see which famous organisation contacted Year 5 this week! 

Our letter from NASA


What we have learnt so far about space suits