Maths at St Andrew's

At St Andrew's, we aim to develop in children a love of number and the aspiration to solve problems. 


Speaking and listening is a big part of our mathematical learning environment, and we aim to give children the confidence to talk about how and why they have used certain strategies.


As maths is such an important life skill, we have not only embraced the new curriculum, but have introduced the new "Mastery" approach to our lessons. This method of learning will allow the children to develop their skills through CPA approach (concrete, pictoral and abstract). This means that the children will have the opportunity to use hands on maths resources within lessons to fully understand concepts before moving onto abstract methods. 


Here at St Andrew's we strive to put the magic into learning so that pupils develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills, and of course a love of number!


Here are some useful websites that could be used at home to develop your child maths skills

and my absolute favourite (This is a great website that fully explains maths concepts and key words in very child friendly ways). 


If you do have any other websites that you use at home and enjoy please let me know so I can add them to this page.

Many thanks 

Mrs Cooper-Sayer (Maths Coordinator).