Each Year group studies 3 units of French during the year. The units develop a progression of knowledge and skills and provide opportunities for children to practice their reading, writing and speaking of the language. It is a fun and interactive program that supports all learners whilst encouraging those to extend their learning and independence.

Year 3: units: Bonjour : greetings, ask and say name, ask how someone is, instruments, numbers 1-10 

                   En classe : class objects and instructions, Say your age, colours

                   Mon corps: body parts, describe hair and eye colour, character descriptions, days of the week

Year 4: units  Les animaux : animal names and pets, numbers 11-20, introduce someone in 3rd person, further description of people

                     Ma famille: family members, learn the alphabet, household items, prepositions 

                     Bon anniversaire: ask for snacks, opinions about food, numbers 21-30, months, dates

Year 5: units  Encore : more detailed descriptions of people, nationality, using adjectives

                    Quelle heure est-il? : tell the time, talk about activities and at what time

                    Les fetes: festivals and dates, presents, numbers 31-60, instructions

Year 6 :units : Ou vas - tu? : French cities, directions, weather and places

                     On mange : shopping for foods, asking the cost and replying, activities at a party

                     Le cirque: fracophone countries, languages we speak, name and describe clothing